About us

KSE Process Technology is a company with technically high quality products and solutions for the powder, grain and liquid processing industry. KSE is focused on improving the quality of human and animal life through continuous innovations that improves the performance of the production of the end customer.

Mission of KSE
Applying process knowledge and process technology so customers in the powder, grain and liquid processing industry can produce high quality products. This in a safe, efficient and responsible manner for both humans and animals.

Strategy of KSE
-A well-functioning product organization;
- Vital customer-oriented project organization;
-A well-oiled service organization;
-A well-developed partner network.

Steady markets
KSE operates in steady markets such as the production of feed, premix and minerals and nutrients. 

Nutrition is the most essential for humans and animals. Improving the quality of food is one of the top spearpoints of KSE.

Core Values of KSE
-Knowledge; the personality and entrepreneurial spirit of a flexible and small company with the knowledge of a large company; 
-Service; respect for customers, delivering service and quality to customers; 
-Excellence; excel in all processes. 

Top technology in Brainport
KSE is based in brainport, one of the top ten technology areas in the world. This region is for KSE, as supplier of high-quality automation solutions and machines, an ideal breeding place for technical innovations.

There are currently working more than 120 people at KSE. They are divided into various divisions in accordance with the following organization chart. Additionally, KSE works with a broad network of freelancers and agents, both at home and abroad.

Division 1: Personel, Communication & ICT
Division 2: Marketing & Sales
Division 3: Financials
Division 4a: Development
Division 4b: Projects
Division 4c: Manufacturing
Division 4d: Service
Division 5: Quality
Division 6: Expansion
Division 7: Management


About us

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