ALFRA Ingredient Dosing Systems with stationary weighers

The ALFRA KCD, GCD and BCD are fast, accurate and extremely robust machines for dosing powders, granules or pellets in quantities ranging from 1 kg to 2000 kg. They are equipped with a stationary weighing hopper and ALFRA Dosing Slides.

Accurate dosing with traceability
The ALFRA KCD (Small), GCD (Medium) and BCD (Bulk) Ingredient Dosing Systems offer raw material traceability, very accurate reproducible dosing and reduced operator involvement.  Standard versions are available with 4 to 24 silos. Versions with more than 12 silos are executed with two combined weighing hoppers.

Stationary weighing hopper
Depending on the number of ingredients, these Ingredient Dosing Systems are fed by up to 24 silos. The machine automatically doses the appropriate amount into the weighing hopper using an ALFRA dosing slide.  When the recipe is complete, it discharges the correct weight onto a transport belt or into an under hopper or a mixer positioned below the machine.

Self-learning ALFRA dose&weigh software
The system includes ALFRA dose&weigh software that can increase the dosing performance by 20%. This program is self-learning to optimize the dosing performance without having to separately fine-tune each individual parameter. This gives a higher and more consistent production capacity by reducing the influences of differing product characteristics. It also reduces required operator interaction.

Options include vibrators for improved flow of bad running products, stirring action in the silo outlets, dust extraction system to avoid residue in the weigher and for a cleaner workplace, stainless steel (standard) or flexible weighing hoppers, Teflon coating and an extra wear-resistant execution for use with abrasive products, separate readout from each weighing cell for diagnostics and remote service.


For more information about the ALFRA KCD/GCD/BCD, please contact us.

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