ALFRA dose&weigh controller

ALFRA dose&weigh optimizes the dosing control and ensures accurate and consistent performance of new and existing ALFRA dosing and weighing systems with grid slides or other make dosing screws.

ALFRA dose&weigh

Self-learning algorithm
The algorithm uses historical data to initiate coarse dosing and automatically corrects the actual flow compared to the desired flow. Fine product flow is directly related to the desired dosing accuracy. After each dosing, the system re-evaluates the historical data by comparing these with the actual data, thus continually optimizing the dosing process in speed and accuracy.

More accurate and reliable dosing
The benefits include shorter and predictable batch times and more dosings within the preset margins – saving (expensive) raw materials. Adaptation is automatic so it is not affected by environmental conditions or the flow characteristics of raw materials. The system reacts automatically to changing flowability of raw materials during each dosing. Since it is not necessary to individually fine-tune each parameter or material, accuracy and consistency are not dependent on skilled personnel.

Optimizing performance with less effort
The system has a user-friendly control panel that provides all the information an operator needs. The performance is optimized and the knowhow is captured in the dosing algorithm. The information from the screen of the dose&weigh control panel can standardly be duplicated in a central control room and can be used for full remote service.

Why choose ALFRA dose&weigh?
-Consistent – process knowledge automatically captured in the dosing algorithm
-Labour saving – no operator actions to adjust dosing parameters
-Raw materials with varying flow characteristics can be accurately dosed
-Optimal dosing performance in speed and accuracy

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