ALFRA Dosing Slides

ALFRA Dosing Slides are used for dosing powders and granulates with a wide range of material flowability. The design allows for high throughput with shorter batch times yet still delivers highly accurate doses. They are easily adapted to various manufacturing environments by size, geometry and construction materials. The Dosing Slide also offers funnel height savings due to its large discharge surface (up to 1,6m2).

ALFRA dosing slide

Few moving parts
Thanks to having very few moving parts, an ALFRA Dosing Slide is a very gentle way of product dosing. This also reduces wear and maintenance. The Dosing Slide consists of a lower fixed grid mounted beneath and upper grid which moves horizontally back and forth during the dosing operation. The Dosing Slides are mounted on a plateau and controlled by a hydraulic actuator and a moving frame around the slides. Sensors ensure that the correct slide is selected and also measure the Dosing Slide opening and stroke length. The hydraulic drive system is reliable and durable, and available with food grade hydraulic oil.  


Improved product consistency and quality
The Dosing Slide eliminates pellet damage for outloading of finished product. There are no dead regions of flow in the silo, and improved segregation of raw material batches, enabling a better FIFO material flow. You also benefit from more predictable storage time of batches. 

Why choose the ALFRA Dosing Slide?
-Fast and very accurate dosing over a wide range of material flowability
-Reduced risk of bridging in silos
-Very low maintenance
-Long operational life (> 20 years)  

For more information about the ALFRA Dosing Slides, please contact us.

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