ALFRA Duplex Flow Weigher

Extremely compact design
The ALFRA DDW Duplex Flow Weigher is up to four times more compact than conventional continuous flow weighers, thus considerably saving building construction costs. The weigher is easy to use and maintain, and hygienically designed to minimize the risk of cross-contamination.

 ALFRA Flow Weigher

Certified calibration
By incorporating certified calibration there is no discussion on delivered volumes (pay as delivered). The need for a weighbridge, for this application, is eliminated.

Dual weighing hoppers
Thanks to the two parallel weighing hoppers, the DDW weighs a continuous stream of product being discharged from a truck, train or barge, or during internal material transfer. When the first hopper is full, loading is transferred to the second hopper while the first hopper is emptied.

Self-learning ALFRA Duplex controller software
The system includes ALFRA Duplex controller software that can adjust reaction times, based on product density, to optimize production capacity. This program is self-learning to optimize the performance without having to separately fine-tune each parameter on each raw material.

Why choose the DDW?
Check, determine and certify weight;
-Save on building costs thanks to the extremely compact design;
-Simplify stock control with automatic volume registration;
-Save time and money by eleminating the need for a weighbridge.

For more information about the ALFRA Duplex Weigher Weigher, please contact us.

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