ALFRA Oblong Weigher

High capacity, very accurate dosing
In the ALFRA LBW, raw materials are dosed from various silos into one weighing hopper. Once the desired weight is achieved, the hopper is emptied via a chain conveyor or by a quick discharge slide into a lower hopper from where a chain conveyor takes care of further product transport.

 ALFRA Oblong Weigher

Easily extendable
A hybrid weighing system based on just one load cell is available for weighers longer than 10 m. The tare weight of the hopper is kept low when executed with this hybrid weighing system. The dosing plateau and weigher can be easily extended if the factory is expanded with more raw material silos.

Self-learning ALFRA dose&weigh software
The system includes ALFRA dose&weigh software that can increase dosing performance by 20%. This program is self-learning to optimize the dosing performance without having to separately fine-tune each individual parameter. This gives a higher and more consistent production capacity because the influences of differing product characteristics are limited. It also reduces required operator interaction. The system has a user-friendly touch-screen control panel and information can standardly be duplicated in a central control room.

Variations and options
The LBW Oblong Weigher is available with a Quick Discharge Slide (LBWS) and with integrated Discharge Chain Conveyor (LBWT). Options include vibrators and knocking devices for improved flow of bad running products, and a dust extraction system to prevent dust outside the weigher.

Why choose an LBW?
-Very high dosing capacity – up to 300 t/h; 
-Very accurate hybrid weighing system;
-Low maintenance, very robust and a long operational life (typically more than 20 years);
-Easily extendable when factory is expanded.

For more information about the ALFRA Oblong Weigher, please contact us.

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