Dosing and weighing machines, automation and services


For producers of powders, granulates and liquids we produce in-house a wide range of fast and accurate machines and develop smart automation solutions and services. The products are produced for customers mainly in the animal feed industry and related industries worldwide. There are two product ranges – the ALFRA dosing and weighing machines and PROMASST automation software – enabling you to produce more tons per hour in the most cost effective way possible.

Proven Process Technology

KSE is an experienced service provider. The services include consultancy, design and engineering of new lines and factories, project management, cooperation with local partners, plant automation upgrades and service
& maintenance...

Dosing & Weighing Technology

ALFRA is one of the leading manufacturers of dosing and weighing machines with over 75 years in the business. Dosing and weighing play critical roles in process automation, particularly in relation to stock control, recipes, tracking & tracing and contamination...

Future Proof Automation

PROMASST Process Management Software brings performance and cost benefits to PremixMineral and animal feed factories worldwide. Many projects have been successfully realized with this hardware-independent automation software...

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