Order automate hammermill lines

QUARTES chooses KSE Process Technology for automate hammermill lines

Bladel, 31 October - QUARTES decided to automate her two hammermill lines in Hasselt, Belgium. This is due to the fact that the two hammermill lines are manually controlled on this moment. KSE will totally include these lines in the current PROMAS ST control system.

KSE already controls the other systems in the factory with PROMAS ST, which makes it obvious that QUARTES also has chosen the KSE automation for the hammermill lines. Automating these two lines will save manpower, all process controls will be carried out fully automatically and all administrative postings will go automatically.

With offices in Deinze, Roeselare and Hasselt, the Belgian QUARTES fulfills a distinguished and active role as a supplier of quality feed.

KSE Process Technology B.V.
KSE is a family business with a wide range of technological machines, automation solutions and services for mainly the feed industry.

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