KSE busy with bulk outloading process of PCG

Bladel February 8th. 2012 – In the fourth quarter of 2011 KSE received a phased order for the bulk out loading process of Perfect Companion Group (PCG) in Thailand. This order includes both, ALFRA dosing slide platform, The ALFRA Bulkweigher, frame for movable blenders and the PROMASst automation software.

The process
The ordered parts are intended for filling the hoppers. First, the exact composition of the various pet food grains of PCG is dosed by the ALFRA dosing slide platform. The exact composition goes through the platform to the movable ALFRA bulk weigher. Then the pet food goes to the blenders, where it will be mixed on moving and it will be loaded in the hopper. Then out of the hopper it will be packed in the packaging line.

December 2011 PCG preferred the PROMASst automation software of KSE. The automation will take care of enough finished product to the packaging line to run continuously.

“The transport to Thailand was quite a challenge, because the spare parts were very large. Especially for this order the machines where first completely put together and tested. Then, for transport they were broken down completely. By means of a sophisticated system, they can easily put together again in Thailand”, according to project manager Robin Paaijmans.

Perfect Companion Group
Perfect Companion Group aims to enrich the quality of life of both human and pets. They are constantly improving their products to meet the industry standards. Thus, they can ensure that their products and services are of high quality.

Foto: SCE

KSE busy with bulk outloading process of PCG

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