KSE looks back on a valuable year

Bladel, 23 December 2011 - Together with her customers and employees, KSE Process Technology can look back on a productive year. The company has gone through many innovative developments in 2011 and looks forward to continue this in 2012.

Innovative dosing and weighing machines
One of the latest innovations within KSE is her brand new ALFRA dosing installation: the GCDxy. This mobile machine ensures that less height is needed, more dosing cells are possible and it produces almost contamination free. Another innovation is the pneumatic (pulse phase) conveying. This drain from weigher to destination is usable for almost all products. In addition, it needs low maintenance, it has a low energy use and ensures an almost contamination free production.

Innovative automation software
The automation software of KSE has also had innovative developments. One of the new developments is PROMASST Reporting. This tool can provide more accessible historical data and interrelations can be made. In addition, it provides the customer comprehensive reports. These reports contain, for instance, a batch list of destinations, operations, dosages and parameters. Also performance-and quality reports can be generated.

"KSE is continually optimizing and expanding her range of products," product manager Richard Biessen told. “In the past year we optimized, in addition to new products, various existing products. This by carefully listen to our customers and employees and translate these wishes to optimise existing products. And also for 2012 we are full of ideas to service our customers in the most optimal way, "said Biessen.

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