Order Process Automation

KSE Process Technology received the order to replace the process automation of Booijink Veevoeders.

23 September 2011, Bladel - Booijink Veevoeders is a leading and modern family concern in the compound feed branch. Compound feed is produced on several product locations according to GMP+ (HACCP), QS and biological quality systems.

In recent years Booijink Veevoeders developed from a local to a regional compound feed factory and it spread her wings internationally. Furthermore Booijink is chosen, by almost 13.000 cattle farmer, until best advice company of the Netherlands in 2011.

At the location Luttenberg the blending line is rebuild. At this moment Booijink decided to renew the current PROMAS control. This system serviced by KSE during 20 years, has to be replaced in the years to come.  At the same time the PROMASst system will be upgraded. Since 2003 the PROMASst system controls the handing in, with e.g. an Alfra XY-bulk weigher.

“The order to replace the process automation is awarded to KSE based on price/quality ratio and the confidence in KSE”, Jan Booijink said. After replacing the automation to PROMASst Booijink has a ‘future proof’ system, the process knowledge integrated in the software modules will provide maximum support of the processes. At the start up the reporting tools will give insight in the performance of the production processes. Functional integration with the maintenance management package from Ultimo is also included.


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