ALFRA Dosing Slide

Why the ALFRA Dosing Slide?

  • Fast and very accurate dosing over a wide
    range of material flow characteristics
  • Huge dosing range: from 0,5 gr/sec up to 1000 tonnes/hour
  • Reduced product bridging, compaction and damage
  • Large discharge surface for funnel height savings
  • Very low energy costs
  • Long operational life (> 20 years)

Fast and accurate

KSE’s pioneering grid dosing slide makes fundamental improvements over conventional dosing methods. It delivers raw materials with greater speed and accuracy (down to a few grams/second), and has an enormous dynamic flow range (1:1000).

The slide has few moving parts for easy maintenance and long operational life (>20 years). Multiple slides can be powered by a single electric motor and hydraulic system, which can save thousands of currencies per year on power consumption alone.

Excellent material flow

The dosing slide has a fixed upper grid and a reciprocating lower grid for good material flow. There are no dead zones, so maintaining important First-In-First-Out order. Gravity supply and a large surface area means no product bridging, compaction or damage. Any number of slides can be combined into a plateau to be placed (for example) underneath a complete block of silos. The large discharge surface of the slides require less funnel height, resulting in less overall building height. That saves on expensive building space.

Product flow can be cut off at any time, with a constant and predictable after flow. The minimum dose of a screw system is determined by the volume between two blades, where for a dosing slide it is determined by the smallest possible opening. This is another benefit of the 1:1000 dynamic flow range.

Different versions are available, and slides can be quite easily adapted to the process and environment they are used in. Premix dosing slides can have a special seal to avoid leakage, with special (FDA approved) seals suiting fluidizing materials like milk powders or seeds. Slides can also be fitted with scrapers so that silos containing (for example) pet foods can be emptied 100 %. The slide chosen depends on the silo size, product properties, desired flow capacity and accuracy, and type of process.

Different slides with different capabilities

The dosing slide is used in KSE’s complete range of ALFRA dosing and weighing machines. It is also available as a separate product. There are many standard slide sizes from 200 x 200 mm up to 1 x 1.635 m.

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