Movable Weighing Mixer

Why the BUVM?

  • High-capacity finished kibble dosing and blending with 100% flexibility from silo to packaging
  • Perfect homogenous mixture with minimal kibble damage
  • No cross-contamination thanks to effective slide vibration and clean swipe
  • Compact design minimizes solution footprint and building height

A self-driving weighing mixer

The BUVM is used for end of line mixing of finished kibbles and/or flakes. It can position itself to and from any designated location within its zone of operation. This unique freedom of movement allows the BUVM to collect, dose and weigh from any product silo and unload the mixed products at various discharge locations. The mobility of the BUVM eliminates the need for additional mechanical means of transportation, that are often expensive and risk de-mixing or even damaging the final product.

A possible feature of the BUVM is the weighing option. The mixer will then be installed on loadcells to guarantee the correct ratio is maintained between special additions, colours or other products. Weighing is done instantaneously during the dosing of the product from the bins, directly into the mixer. Therefore, the mixer can be used to collect directly from several finished good kibble and/or flake silos.

The flexibility of the BUVM to collect and mix products from any given silo eases the process of testing new products using a new recipe. It provides your production line with the flexibility you need to reduce the ‘Time to Market’ for new or client specific products, from initial idea to the first bags of commercial products. Moreover, the BUVM features optimal mixing characteristics of finished products, and prevents cross-contamination. All the ingredients you need to make your factory future-proof and reduce your time-to-market!

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