BRÖRING automates manual additive

BRÖRING automates manual additive

Bladel, March 22, 2013 – BRÖRING orders a Flexible Container Components Dosing system (FCCD) at KSE. Producing with increased flexibility and more efficient additives possibilities will be the result.

The ALFRA FCCD will be used for dosing raw materials for the production of animal feed, especially premix and micro components. By purchasing this highly accurate dosing system the entire manual additive is automated. This allows the operators to focus on other important aspects of the production process. This multi-functional equipment also allows BRÖRING to dose between 100 grams and 150 kilograms with only a single machine.

BRÖRING will use existing transport containers for the storage of the components. These can be simply placed on the ALFRA FCCD with a forklift to dose directly into the weigher. Big bags can also be placed on the ALFRA FCCD for direct dosing.

Building a new silo tower is completely unnecessary through the use of existing transport containers and big bags. This saves on rebuilding costs.

Raw materials will be transported via the ALFRA FCCD through a pneumatic pulse phase transport, also supplied by KSE, into a mixer. The measures BRÖRING takes by purchasing these systems will result in a more flexible production and a larger production capacity.

The German BRÖRING is a leading company in feed production and trade in agricultural products. BRÖRING produces from six locations and distributes over 13 trading posts.

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