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Dear visitor, In relation to the COVID-19 virus, we try to support everyone who copes with these challenging circumstances and do our very best to service our customers as normal, while protecting the health of everyone involved. KSE highly values its continued 24/7 support to customers around the world. Our service employees ... Read More
20 March 2020Nathalie Melis


The North American animal feed industry is on the eve of major technological innovation. More reason for KSE Process Technology to present itself more increasingly in this market. ‘’Many American companies in the branch will be modernising their factories in the coming years. This offers great opportunities for us.’’ Founded in ... Read More
6 January 2020Nathalie Melis


How do you cope with the countless changes in formulation driven by market demands, FDA regulations and marketing gurus? This ever-changing landscape of powders, meat inclusions and spices to feed our beloved four-footed friends? When talking about pet food formulation, we often focus on nutrition and optimisation. But what about ... Read More
3 December 2018Nathalie Melis


When designing silo-discharge systems in process installations, one is often confronted with the question of whether to use a dosing slide or a dosing screw. An important advantage of a dosing slide is that a large dynamic flow range can be achieved both quickly and accurately.... Read More
16 February 2018Chris Dubbers


Magazine De Molenaar has written an article about pet food producer GA Pet Food Partners' new production facility. Roger Bracewell, owner of GA Pet Food Partners in England, wishes to be able to guarantee that the produced petfood contains the exact prescribed recipe. To achieve that contamination-free production ... Read More
16 February 2018Nathalie Melis


Premix producer Twilmij’s new plant has to double the current production of 50,000 tonnes per year. The first phase of the modern, man-hour saving 1,500m² production facility is ready. The integration of the fully automatic container transport system, which also prevents contamination, is a novelty in the premix branch. Twilmij in ... Read More
9 June 2017Nathalie Melis


Bladel, the Netherlands – May 22, 2017 – The technical family company KSE from Bladel carries a lot on the road. Both in terms of revenue growth and the number of employees. The internationally operating company grows with a constantly growing global population and prosperity. These growth factors make it ... Read More
22 May 2017Nathalie Melis



King’s Day 2017

Due to King's Day, we are closed on Thursday April 27th and Friday April 28th 2017. Our service department is available 24/7 via +31 (0)497 383818 or
25 April 2017Nathalie Melis


KSE Process Technology B.V. started printing parts in 3D for its ALFRA dosing and weighing systems Bladel, the Netherlands – February 13, 2017 – At the end of 2016, KSE started using 3D printed parts for its ALFRA dosing and weighing systems. At first this was chosen because it was the ... Read More
13 February 2017Nathalie Melis


KSE Process Technology B.V. festively opened its brand-new assembly hall together with staff and retirees on Monday January 9th. Bladel, the Netherlands – January 11, 2017 – Together with its staff and retirees, the KSE management toasted on the opening of its newest assembly hall. With due pride, director Adriaan Smulders ... Read More
11 January 2017Nathalie Melis

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